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Keep in mind that many parents choose to create baby-friendly zones in their home.  They may use baby gates to block off bathrooms, stairs, and the kitchen.  Spending the most of their child proofing time on the living areas that your baby will spend the most time.  At some point however, your child will have access to all areas of the home, so spend some time in each room making them safer places. serves to provide you with additional information regarding every room in your house and the hazards that lurk for little ones.

It is important for a parent to conduct an inspection of each room in the house.  Take the vantage point of a child and identify the objects that could pose a risk to your child.  In the following sections you will find the most commonly prescribed advice for childproofing the home.  Specifically, for information on childproofing your bathroom click here.  For details on the hazards facing your child in the kitchen click here.  For facts on the childproofing your Nursery click here.  For expert insights on childproofing stairs or childproofing basement click on the respective links.  With respect to child safety in the family room or childproofing decks click on the aforementioned links.  While it may seem tedious to read these different areas - keep in mind that it may mean the difference between life and death.


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